Lucy Marie – Mommy is the only women you will ever cum inside

Lucy Marie – Your parting gift to Mommy
You might be going away to boarding school, but Mommy has programmed and conditioned you into only sexually responding to her, there will be no other girls… Mommy has a gift for you before you go, she wants your seed inside her, and she wants to be pregnant, a part of you growing inside her….at last just how she always dreamed.

Darling are you looking forward to going away, if I had my way you would be staying here with me. I have a little gift for you, your favourite panties of mine, worn and used… here smell! I want you to keep them under your pillow and sniff them every time you stroke your little pee pee, ok…. good boy. I have to say I didn’t want you at a mixed sex school, I am worried about the girls there.. Now I hope you wouldn’t be disloyal to Mommy, your mine, do you hear me. I have been conditioning you for years, touching you, making you touch me, whispering to you in your sleep when your at your most vulnerable, you are programmed to only need me forever. These are the only titties you will ever need, ever want, see your getting hard already, Now mommy wants to ride you, I want to fuck you, I want your seed in me… just how its meant to be. I want you to make me pregnant, and it will grow while you are away, just how ive always imagined, the ultimate bond between us, a part of you inside me…
Your Mommy is the only women you will ever cum inside! she has made sure of that.

This clip contains: Taboo, Mommy/son, milf, POV, virtual sex, topless, mental domination, SPE, masturbation, Cleavage, breast bouncing, controlling Mommy, panty fetish, impregnation fantasy


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