Lucy Marie – Mommy Loves you Too Much

Darling what are you doing at the end of the bed? cant you sleep? you waiting for Mommy to tuck you in? you know sometimes I think I love you too much. Do you know what happens when Mommy’s love their son’s too much… they have to touch them and spend extra special time with them and they have to touch Mommy too. this is the most natural beautiful thing in the world. I know how much you like our time together…now just stay there darling…. hmmmm look at my big sexy butt darling…. you want Mommy to take her bra off too? I love you so much. Do you know what I want more than anything, to feel that hard little penis inside my soaking wet pussy..hmmmmm . Now I am going to stand over you and play with myself and I want you to stroke that little pee pee for me… that’s it sweetie you just look up at mommy’s titties… good boy. Just look how excited you are…hmmm I need you inside me!


Download file – 429.7 MB
Download file – 429.7 MB