Lucy Marie – Mommy needs to chat to you about your sister

Darling I need to talk to you.. I am worried about how you have been behaving with your sister, she said you have been perving at her in the shower and pulling the covers off her in the middle of the night.
I know your sister is very sexy, and quite well developed ( she got that from her mother ) but this really cant go on, do you hear me. I have to say darling this is all making me a little jealous, I know I said to you it cant go on anymore, but I thought you liked my big titties,, Mommy has missed you, I miss the special time we used to spend together.

Tell me baby what did you find sexy about your sister… huh? let me feel that hard little cock ive missed so much, it turns me on to think what you might have done under the covers, did you touch your sisters pussy?
hmmm let me stroke you hard, are you thinking about your sister’s sweet little pussy, bet your thinking about your sister and Mommy all at the same time… naughty boy!

Mommy wants you to come over here and fuck her hard, quick before Daddy gets home, I’m dripping wet and ready baby…


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