Lucy Marie – Mommy takes a break from her cleaning duties

Mommy is dusting in the lounge wearing a baggy jumper, no bra and just some stockings and black lacy panties, she likes to dress like this in case Dad comes home early. There is a noise behind her and she notices her son has been watching her, he always watches her and has developed quite a taste for her big round ass, and large milky tits. Mom goes to give her son a kiss and ask him what he is up too and does he have anything he wants to speak to her about, he is acting pretty strange.

The truth is revealed, he saw his sexy Mom fucking dad last night, and he wants to know what she was doing, Mom try’s to explain they were just ‘playing’ and of course has to go into a little more detail which secretly she finds a turn on, especially as she notices her son’s young cock growing as he looks down her top. Mommy turns around and teases her son with her ass, then starts stroking his cock, she tells him she is getting horny and she wants to ease her pussy onto his hard cock. Mom tells her special boy to sit back and she rides him, asking him how it feels to be inside his mother, and how good it feels. Once Mom has cum hard all over her son’s cock, he is sworn to secrecy and they go on like nothing has happened clip contains: Mommy/son taboo, milf, virtual handjob, virtual sex, cleavage, topless, stockings, ass fetish, POV, moaning, dirty talk


Download file – 402.0 MB
Download file – 402.0 MB

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