Lucy Marie – Mommy tells you her fantasy about the football team

You naughty boy, have you been stroking your little penis whilst I’ve been sleeping, you hear daddy fucking me before he went to work didn’t you! I know you listen at the door, you like hearing your Mommy in pleasure don’t you, moaning as Daddy fills my tight wet pussy. I know you wish you were a big boy so you knew what it felt like.. now let me stroke that penis for you. There’s no good pulling your pants up and pretending nothings going on down there.You know what Mommy would find really hot.. if you were to bring home the boys you play football with… all ten of them.

Why don’t you invite them round for tea, you know you like to make mommy Happy. I heard you talking to them about my tits and how you would love to feel your cock in between them.. dirty boys. I would lay on my bed wearing this, and you could send them in one by one. I would suck each and every one of their perfect young cocks and you would wait at the door.


Download file – 152.1 MB
Download file – 152.1 MB

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