Lucy Marie – Mommy wants to do bad things to your friends

Mommy lets all her dirty filthy fantasises out ! Baby You know Daddy is away next week, well I was thinking you could invite your two new friends round, the ones that came to your party last week. I think their names were Ben and I cant remember, the tall handsome one and the blond one. You know we like to have fun while Daddy is away right, I thought it might be nice if your two friends got to experience some special time with Mommy like you do. I noticed the dark haired one was very well hung wasn’t he, not like you baby… bless you. I know you love Mom’s titties and I overheard your little friend talking about mine at the party… admit it. I thought it would be fun to watch all three of you suck and lick my titties one by one, how does that sound? watching your friend suck your mom’s hard nipples… hmmmmm. I know what else you like darling, Mommy had a pedicure yesterday, look how hard your little pee pee is, you cant take your eyes off my feet can you? Go on, you can stroke over my feet…. your putty in my hands when I have my pretty red toe polish on. Good boy! keep stroking, hasn’t mommy got the sexiest feet, now as I was saying I think I would like to take Ben’s pants off and suck that lovely hard young cock infront of you both. Maybe rub my titties up and down his cock and you can watch, infact you can stroke your cock. Your other friend can tongue my pussy… get his tongue right in my hole just like I taught you, how would that make you feel to see Mommy’s juices all over his mouth… hmmmmm. This is making me horny baby…. I need to finger my pussy… look darling imagine your friend licking all the way down here… that’s it stroke your cock. Then I think I would like to fuck each of you one by one, make you all watch each other, wouldn’t that be hot. Guess what the grand finale would be… you love Mommy big round ass don’t you, I think I would bent right over and spread my legs just like this, while 3 loads of young fresh cum is dripping from my cunt. I would then have you lick my ass… hmmmm while I rub my pussy you can tongue my ass baby while your little friends watch. My goodness your ready to explode.. go on jerk over my ass, let me count you down…


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Download file – 298.0 MB

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