Lucy Marie – Mommy’s special reward

Mommy lets you cum all over her chest and face! Darling come in here I am so pleased with you, come and see your mummy. You have done all your chores this week, come to dinner on time every night and your report card was so good. Last week you were very different, I think you were naughty as Mommy didn’t give you much attention did she. Now did you get the new CD I left for you in your room? good I have another treat for you.. I know that you think about me in that way sweetie, and I know all the naughty things you watch on the internet. I am going to make you feel so good darling, take off those jeans and mummy’s going to stroke your cock for you..hmmmm now doesn’t that feel good. I love making you feel good baby. When your hard I want you to get your cock and spray your cum over Mummy’s face.. right here on my mouth and chest, just like you watch in the films.

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