Lucy Marie – My son has an ass fetish

After Mommy lets you rub lotion into her sexy big round ass… she lovingly sucks your hard cock until you explode in her warm wet mouth.
Darling I had a phone call from the school today, I understand you have been lifting girls skirts up and feeling up their arses… honestly you just cant do that. I mean I know you love to look at bottoms ( you look at mine enough ) but I mean ill have the parents knocking on my door. You are just like your father, you know he has a real ass fetish.

I saw the magazines you stole from him under your bed, you like thongs don’t you. Daddy likes my ass very much, he likes to grope it, and kiss it, he likes to stick his tongue right in my ass hole and give it a good licking. I can tell you are excited you dirty little boy.. just look at your little penis growing, listen Daddy is not home for a while shall we go into the bedroom, do you want to feel Mommy’s titties, and then Ill let you rub lotion into my arse. The thought of you lifting those girls skirts up is making me horny… do they rub your little pee pee through your trousers, take off your pants baby and follow me….
Someone’s got an ass fetish just like their father..


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