Madisin Lee – Clean up sober up and doctors office confrontation

Clean Up: My son is so dirty. Look at this nasty tub. What the hell does he do in here. I was bent down scrubbing the tub minding my own business when I looked behind me, I saw my son standing in the door way watching me. Have you been standing there looking at my ass? Come here, what is bulging in your pants? Nothing! It does not look like nothing to me. I rubbed his pants and felt his hard on. You are a dirty boy and you need to be cleaned. I pulled his pants down and sucked on his cock. Isnt dad going to be home soon, my son asked. Its ok, we have some time. I did not even care about my husband at this moment. He was probably with his little slut anyways. Dont you need to be cleaned, my son asks. I am very dirty, I said as I bent over for him to put his young hard cock inside my wet pussy. He fucked me hard doggiestyle until he came all over my ass and pussy. I got on my knees and sucked his cock clean. Looks like you are all dirty again mom, my son said as we laughed. Go ahead and run along before your dad gets here and I will clean up.

Sober Up: I have been up all night worried sick about my son. He never stays out this late without calling me. I sat in his room all night waiting up for him. Finally I heard him stumble in after 5 am. I left his room, to find him lying in my bed. He is so fucked up. He does not even realize he is not in his own bed. I confronted him and he just laughed. You are not too old for an ass spanking young man! I pulled down his pants and started spanking his but until it was red. But I was not finished there, I was going to sober him up before his dad got home. I sat right on his face so he would shut up. I know its not conventional, but I wanted to teach him a lesson. I could feel his cock harden and I could not resist the urge to suck it, I know its not right but it has been a long time since I had any cock and I wanted to my son to learn from this mistake. I bent over doggiestyle and made him fuck me and he sobered up pretty quickly. I bet he will never stay out all night again.

Doctor’s Office Confrontation: Freddie has been stealing money from his dad, so his father asked Madisin (Freddie’s new young hot step mom) to go with him to make sure Freddie actually went to the doctor. When they arrived, they had to wait for the doctor to return from his lunch. Freddie was furious that his father made his step mom go with him. Freddie could not stand her, she was practically his age and could easily be his sister, not his mom. As they waited tension began to rise between them. Madisin kept rubbing her foot up against Freddie’s leg and she realized something. She knew exactly what the real problem was. Freddie secretly wanted her. Madisin took off her shoe and began to play with Freddie’s cock through his pants. I bet this will help our relationship, this will relieve some of the tension between us. You know you want me. Madisin got on her knees and began to suck her new step sons cock. Come on, we don’t have much time before the doctor returns from his lunch. This is going to help us get closer. Freddie’s new step mom sucked his cock and then bent over and rode him hard until he came all inside her. They almost forgot where they were, until they heard someone coughing. Oh, , hurry, someone is coming.


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Download file – 824.7 MB

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