Madisin Lee, Helena Price – Mom son aunt love triangle

I never thought I could feel this way towards my son. He makes me so happy! He has really stepped up to be the man of the house since his father left, and I have to say, he takes way better care of me than my husband ever did. My son makes me feel ways, I never felt before and I cant get enough of his cock!

I cannot think about anyone else but him. I am totally in love with my son! Wake up darling, I missed you, I missed your sweet, soft lips kissing me, mmm just like that! I know we made love all night last night, but I had to come home and have more! Oh, wait, your Aunt is coming over, she has some news to tell us. What! Your husband is divorcing you! You, poor thing! He does not deserve you anyways! You know about my son and I relationship? You want to be a part of it? What do you think baby? Do you think you can make your aunt happy, like you make me happy? Come here, your aunt needs love to. Kiss her, now kiss me, and make your aunt cum hard! I have always been attracted to my sister, but I was too embarrassed to tell her, now we can be one happy family!


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