Madisin Lee – Mommy helps her son feel better after car crash

Fell-On Fetish Factory – Madisin Lee – Get Well Soon Son
My poor boy was in an accident. He was hit by a drunk driver, but thankfully he is ok. He just got home from the hospital and is under my care now. I am going to make sure I do everything I can for him so he can get well soon. On his first morning home, I brought him breakfast in bed. I serve him his favorite cereal. As I am feeding him, he complains about pain in his private area. I investigate it and found it very hard. I think you have a boner sweetie. How long have you been like this? A couple of days? Aw you poor thing. I know it hurts honey. He complains and wines in pain. I hate to see him in more pain than he already has suffered. He is immobile since his arms are in casts. Dont worry baby, I will help. Im going to stroke it over your pajama pants like this. How does that feel? Here, look at my breast and imagine I am a sexy nurse and not your mother. Its ok, dont be embarrassed. This isnt working? Ok, take off your pants, now Im going to stroke it again. How is that? Maybe, if I put it in my hot, wet mouth on it that will be better. Its still not working, it still hurts? I know I should not be doing this, but I will do anything for my son to feel better. Alright sweetie, Im going to ride you until you cum. Your penis needs to be relieved all the pressure. There, just like that! Kiss me, suck on my breast, harder, now faster, oh, my I cant believe how good this feels. There you go baby, now you can rest. I told you mommy is going to get you well soon!


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Download file – 513.3 MB

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