Madisin Lee – Mommys sleepy time

Mommy is taking a nap and her perverted son sneaks in to steal yet again some of his mommy’s panties to sniff. As the son is walking away, mommy partially asleep and with covers over her eyes calls out for her husband. Dad not being home, the son sees this as an advantage to have some fun with mommy without him knowing.

He plays and eats mommy’s pussy really well using the skills that she taught him. Then has her give him head before fucking his mom. While they fuck, mommy starts to take off her sleeping blindfold and the son covers it, leading her to believe that her husband was being kinky. Little did mommy know that Freddie is the one penetrating her. Freddie carefully positions the panties he is stealing behind the pillow during their encounter. He ends up giving mommy a cream pie. When she takes off her blindfold she sees that it is her perverted son walking away a satisfied customer with her panties in hand.


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