Madisin Lee – Science Experiment and Cooking for Stepmom

Science Experiment.
I have a huge project due tomorrow for school. I was done setting everything up, but now I just need my partner to arrive so we can test the chemical. I have come up with a chemical that is supposed to make you relax, but I must need to make sure it works. Finally, my partner calls. Are you on your way? What, you cant make it? This project is 50% of our grade! Great, now what am I going to do. I need a test subject. Is that you mom? I’m glad your home, I need a test subject for my science experiment. Will you help me? It wont take long. Here, just take a sip of this potion and I am just going to time you and see how you feel. Don’t worry mom, its safe to drink. She took a sip and immediately it started working. She said she felt hot, but then she started acting strange. She began touching herself and touching me. I stood up to check on her because I was starting to get worried, but as soon as I came close to her. She was trying to unbutton my pants. What are you doing? Stop! You have a deep yearning and craving. She grabbed my hand and put it between her legs. Your vagina is very wet and hot mom. She unbuttoned my pants and starting sucking my cock. She was so horny and going crazy for cock. She pushed my down on the chair and fucked me hard. Wow, this potion is awesome! It turned her into a cum slut! I cant believe I just fucked my mom and I busted a load all over her face and tits. The only thing, she did not remember once the potion wore off. I am definitely going to have to perfect this serum.

Cooking For Stepmom.
I cannot believe this horrible day. First, I have to fire some morons at work then I have to come home and cook dinner since my chef is sick. My lazy, no good for nothing stepson is always playing video games and jacking his dick. I dont even know where anything is at in the kitchen. I called my stepson in to help me but when he walked in I noticed his raging hard on and cum stains all over his shorts. You little pervert! I will tell you what, if you cook dinner, I will take care of that raging boner. You know you want me. I always catch you looking at me and spying on me in the shower. Come on Freddie! He grabbed me by my waist and lifted me on the counter. I knew he wanted me. He took off my panties and started licking my pussy. I made him promise me that he would cook dinner before we went any further. I let him fuck me on the kitchen counter until he came all inside of me. I can tell he has been watching a lot of porn, especially that Taboo porn! Now that you got what you wanted, I am hungry, go cook dinner. He told me he wasnt hungry and walked away. You pervert! Youre grounded!


Download file – 515.7 MB
Download file – 515.7 MB