Madisin Lee – Tickle Spot

There you are, what are you doing in my bed silly? Your father and I are so glad to have you home for your winter break. Its been so lonely here without you. You are getting all grown up and your father and I are so proud of you. You remember how I used to tickle you when you were younger? I bet you are still ticklish. Yes, mommy is ticklish too! My feet are very ticklish! Im gonna put my stinky feet in your face! Haha Oh, my, what was that? I felt something hard. Is that what I think it is? Its ok sweetie, dont be embarrassed. Its only natural I guess. I mean I am an attractive woman right? Its so hard, let me see it. Its ok, show me. Wow, its so big sweetie, I think it is bigger than your fathers! You think I am beautiful. You want me to take off my glasses? You know its been very lonely here without you and your father. Maybe we should do something about that boner, its ok, just relax, Im going to put it in my mouth. How does that feel? I am going to get on top of you now, nice and slow. Oh, yes, just like that! Dont worry sweetie no one will know about this, this will be our little secret, but now I know where your real tickle spot is!

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