Maggie Green – Magic drink makes mom fuck her son

Oh hi there sweetie! No, you aren’t bothering me, I’m just relaxing after a long day at work. Just reading some magazines before I start our dinner. What’s in that glass that you’re holding? I see you’re finally using that expensive juicer that I bought you for Christmas, is this your first concoction? I’d love to try it, it smells delicious. Wow, that was tasty, especially for your first attempt, thanks son. Hmmm, why do I feel all flushed and hot everywhere? See more at I hope I’m not having an allergic reaction? Oh wow, I feel soooo warm and tingly all over, I just have this overwhelming urge to grab my breasts right now…I shouldn’t do it in front of my son but I can’t seem to help myself! My God, I can’t stop touching myself, I have never been this horny in all of my life!! These clothes must come off, you really shouldn’t watch me, I’m so wet and I need to cum so badly! My body is begging me for a man’s touch, baby please help mommy and give her what she needs! If I don’t get your hard dick inside me, I might go insane! Fuck me hard, do me doggy, let me ride you until you cum deep inside your mother’s wetness!! Wow, I don’t know what happened…was there something in that juice?


Download file – 352.5 MB
Download file – 352.5 MB