Maggie Green – Make a baby with Mommy

Mommy’s had a hard day at work. I’m so tired from being on my feet bar tending all day and I’m so happy to come home to a nice clean home and have dinner cooked for me! You’re such a great son, you take amazing care of me. So I take care of you too, I am your mother after all. Mmmm please rub Mommy’s shoulders, they ache. You can move your hands down a little bit too…play with my huge breasts and make those nipples hard for me baby. I know how much I turn you on, I am the only one who can make your penis so hard right? Come, lay down with me. No condoms sweetie, I know you don’t want mama to get pregnant but real lovers don’t need condoms, skin on skin is the best. It’s ok, slide your hard cock inside my wetness..doesn’t that feel wonderful? And I’m not going to let you pull out, not this time. I want your sperm deep inside of me, every last drop! Tell me you want to make a baby with Mommy! It’s alright, I want it too! Maybe your huge load will impregnate me with a little sister for you. Wouldn’t you like that?


Download file – 322.6 MB
Download file – 322.6 MB

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