Maggie Green – Mommy’s Naughty Birthday

I took the day off of work because it’s my birthday and I want some time for myself. How sweet of you to remember, I hate my birthday since I’m not getting any younger. I don’t like to make a huge deal out it…what, you got me a gift? Wow, this is the bag that I’ve been wanting for months, how did you know that I’ve been eyeing it? You’re the best son ever, you must have saved for a very long time to afford this. Since your father left us, it’s up to you to take care of me and you do an incredible job. You know what else I might like on my birthday? Mommy wants to see that nice big cock you have hidden in your pants. It’s been awhile and my hormones are raging, the older I get the hornier I get! Do my breasts still look ok? They aren’t getting too old and saggy are they? Well, that cock is rock solid so I guess I have my answer. Come give your mommy what she really needs…a couple of intense mind blowing orgasms! I want to feel you finish deep inside of me, I crave your sperm in my wetness. Think you can cum more than once for me? I bet I can make you explode like never before!


Download file – 398.9 MB
Download file – 398.9 MB