Maggie Green – Taking care of Mr. Willy

Hi my sweet one, Mommy is just coming in to say night night before the baby sitter gets here, I want you to be on your best behavior while I go out for a few hours. Oh no, please don’t cry! You know Mommy will be back soon, you love Miss Jaime and you two will have so much fun tonight.

I hate to see my little man sad! Oh…oh, are you crying because Mr. Willy is stiff? It’s normal for your pee pee to get excited, especially when you see my big breasts underneath this tight dress. We can’t have your cute little penis hard when the baby sitter gets here though, she wouldn’t like that very much. Momma’s going to help him relax and go back to sleep, would you like that my sweet? Just watch me while I play with your pee pee and make it all better!


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