Maggierosexo – Blackmailing Your Best Friends Mom

Blackmail Fantasy, Older Woman / Younger Man, POV Sex, Role Play, Taboo

You are my sons best friend & have stopped over at our house when you know my son and husband are away. you don’t waste any time and reveal that you know my secrets: that I, in order to keep my son out of trouble, had sex with one of his teachers and you saw us and have a video to prove it!! i am angry as having to do that was a horrible experience but something i had to do. i am also mad at you for being a pervert and recording it. after a bit of venting, i tell you that now i know you are here for something or you wouldnt have shown up showing this to me… so i ask what you want. you tell me we can start by getting me naked. i am mad and frustrated because i hated having to do it the first time and now its gonna happen again but with my sons best friend who is blackmailing me. i begin to strip telling you that i cant have my son or husband find out about this so i will do it, but i express how frustrated i am. you make a comment that not to worry that we will have a better time than it looked like i was having in the video…. this makes me even more upset and i say of course i wasn’t having a good time … how could i when i was having to fuck some random teacher to keep my son out of trouble like some slut! you tell me that atleast with you i will have orgasms. at first i get upset as this confirms you are blackmailing me into sex but then i get a laugh at the thought that YOU, my sons friend, could ever make me orgam!! in fact, you are probably a virgin and probably dont know how…

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