Mallory Sierra – Aunt Mallory’s Secret Visit

When you get home from school Aunt Mallory is on the computer. She says your mom told her she could use your printer. But it quickly becomes apparent that the computer is just an excuse. Really Aunt Mallory just wants to play that “game” again. She really likes your cock & she can’t stop thinking about how good it felt. Of course you can’t say no to your buxom aunt, and you readily give yourself to her. She takes off her glasses, strips & starts sucking your young cock. Then she rides you cowgirl & reverse cowgirl. You’re trying so hard not to cum, but her hot pussy feels so good. Maybe it feels even better this time because your mom isn’t there. You get the feeling that Aunt Mallory isn’t supposed to be in your house right now, and she’s not supposed to be playing the game without your mom knowing. Any guilt you might feel is quickly forgotten as she bends over the desk & tells you to fuck her from behind. You pound her hard, and she wants more & more. Then she tells you to lie back & she wraps her enormous tits around your penis & titty fucks you silly… until you explode hard & shoot your load. “This will be our little secret,” she says. Your mom will never know about it, you promise.

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