Marsha May – Holidays with big sister

Part 1 – Little Brother’s Surprise – I’m so excited to be home for Christmas! It’s been a few years but my family is just like the last time I was home. Except for my little brother. He’s definitely grown up a lot. I’m pretty sure I caught him starring at my butt earlier when I helped him put the last decorations on the tree. But I’m not to worried about it, I know it was probably just an accident.

Part 2 – Big Sister’s After Party – Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. I mean come on, no school, great food, and all the fucking presents I want. What’s not to like? But so far this Christmas has been the best ever. My big sister finally decided to come back home and visit. She’s way hotter than the last time I saw her, and way crazier… I couldn’t believe she actually let me fuck her yesterday, but it got even better tonight. She woke me up and told me she was out partying with some guys but she couldn’t stop thinking about my big cock… I fucked my big sister as hard as I could and when she told me to, I came everywhere all over her huge tits. I guess Santa came a few days early this year…
Part 3 – Christmas is Not Optional – It was Christmas Eve. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed my little brother’s butt. He turned around and I grabbed his fat cock through his shorts. I smiled and asked him if he was ready to have some more fun. My little brother started stammering about Mom and Dad coming home soon, that it probably wasn’t a good idea right now. I pulled my tits out and told him not to worry. He still resisted. I looked into my little brother’s eyes and told him to shut the fuck up. I’m in charge now. Little brothers aren’t allowed to say no


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Download file – 856.6 MB