Meana Wolf – Bad Baby Sitter

Hey! Your mom and dad said we could watch a movie tonight! What do you think we should watch? haha Cool…so…where do your mom and dad keep the booze? You don’t know? That’s alright, I’ll just keep looking for it. Don’t be such a boyscout! Your mom always says I can have whatever I want when I come over here. So I’m pretty sure that counts. Ooooh nice! She has an open bottle of wine in the fridge. haha MMMM it’s good! You wanna try some? You’ll like it. hah See now you can’t tell on me cuz you had some too. Wanna play a drinking game with me? Come on, it’ll be fun. You’re grown up enough to play a drinking game with your favourite babysitter. Here’s the game, I take a sip and I tell you what I want you to do. Then you take a sip and you tell me what you want me to do. Sound like fun? hahah My turn first! MMMmmm wow this wine is going to my head already…k ready? I want… you to take off your underwear. hahah Come on you have to do it! Now you take a sip and tell me what you want me to do. You want me to take off my underwear too? hehe Okay…mmm see how wet it is? Have you ever seen an older girls pussy before? haha K now it’s my turn!


Download file – 466.3 MB
Download file – 466.3 MB