Meana Wolf – Cum hungry teacher

Now there little man…I am very disappointed with your progress in my class. Your spelling and your math is just below your grade level. I’m not sure that I can let you progress to the next grade with your test scores being so low. I’m sorry, I know how much you want to proceed with all your other friends in class but…I just can’t let you go on. I know you’re a smart boy…Maybe if you and I spent some more quality time together I could make sure you pass? See I have a certain appetite that needs to be fulfilled. And I need a nice young man like you to help me. Come on it’s fun! Now just do everything I say…Take off your clothes…hehe come on now don’t be shy. I’m your teacher you can trust me. Would you like me to take something off first? hehe okay there see? Now you. mmm wow what a nice smooth young cock you have. Now put that in teachers mouth and don’t stop till I say.


Download file – 671.4 MB
Download file – 671.4 MB