Meana Wolf – Hot for Miss Meana

Shhh! hehe It’s me, your teacher Miss Meana. Are you having fun on this overnight field trip? Me too… hehe shh! I don’t want to wake up your classmates down the hall…and we definitely don’t want to wake up your mom in the next room. I can’t believe she volunteered to be a parent chaperone… no matter though.. hehe I told her I was going to check up on all you guys.. but I just really wanted to see you. You won’t tell her though right? And you won’t tell the other kids? hehe See… I just really like you most of all… and I just wanted to spend time with you. See I planned this whole field trip just so you and I could have some secret special time together. I just really like you a lot. You’re such a nice boy…and I know I’m not supposed to..your mom is in the very next room so you have to be quiet okay? you want to play a game with me? Do you want to play truth or dare? heheh okay but you have to be quiet…okay well I get to go first okay? heheh Truth or dare?

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