Meana Wolf – Momma Needs Young Dick

How are you feeling after taking your vitamin? hehe Yes I know it’s having a very interesting side effects. It’s making your little wee wee so hard isn’t it. I bet it hurts. Well that’s ok. I want you to listen to me very carefully. Mummy has a very important job for you. You like my hands touching your dick don’t you?

Yes well I love squeezing had dicks. You have to do whatever mummy tells you to do. Shhhh Be quiet. You don’t want daddy to hear do you? No. Put your fingers down here and touch mommy. Isn’t it all nice and slippery? Very good baby now put your little fingers inside… yes that’s very good. I have a dry special job of you my darling and it’s very important that you not disappoint mommy. I know you want to be a good little boy. You’re always so obedient. Yes get your cock wet between mommys legs. Isn’t this fun? Ooooh yes that’s a good boy. I need you to do this for me from now on do you understand? mmmm Mommy doesn’t like daddy’s old dick. She needs your young cock to touch her inside. It’s very important. Mommy needs it. Sssshhh just lay still. Mommy can make you feel so good. Shhh that’s right just let it all out inside of mommy’s pussy. You’re such a good boy.

Download file – 520.4 MB
Download file – 520.4 MB