Meana Wolf – Mommy milked son before bed

Now I want you to finish your bath and brush your teeth okay? And only 30 minutes of video games before bed. Oh don’t be embarrassed. It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before haha Besides it wasn’t that long ago that I was bathing you myself. Look I want to talk to you about something.

Lately you’ve been keeping me up all night. You’re so restless, and I can hear you making noise in your room. What’s going on with you? I don’t want you to feel bad…I just want to get to the bottom of it. Is something going on at school maybe? Is something making you anxious perhaps? Well maybe we just need to find some ways to relax you. Why don’t I help you wash up? Let me get you all nice and soapy. There isn’t that so nice? It’s important to unwind before bed. Do you like the feel of mommy’s gentle touch? ooh haha Oh my. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you naked…My what a big boy you’re becoming. Once you finish puberty you will have a very large cock. That will make a lot of girls very happy. Girls love big cock and mommy likes it too. Sweety… You’re getting to be at a certain age where there’s only one thing that will make you relax. Mommy is going to help you…show you what to do. See? Doesn’t it feel nice when i squeeze it like that? It’s important not to go too fast. Just gentle… Don’t be shy. It’s perfectly okay for mommy to touch you this way. You need to do this every night do you understand? Mommy will help you. Do you feel the pressure building when I stroke it fast? Feels good doesn’t it? Then slow… you can’t explode until mommy says. You want to be a good boy for mommy don’t you?


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Download file – 881.9 MB

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