Meana Wolf – Promise To Mother

You and your mom have a special relationship…it’s your little secret. She knows you better than anyone…she says you’re her special little man…her perfect little boy. At night when everyone is asleep she comes to your room to spend special time with you. She touches you in your special place and tells you she loves you. You love this special time with your mother…it feels so good when she touches you. But you’re such a horny little boy…you though maybe you could get your little sister to touch you as well…she was just about to do it…but then mommy walked in. She got really mad…really mad. She sent your sister to her room…and then she came into your room to talk to you. You see, mommy is a very jealous woman. She’s very protective of her perfect little boy. She doesn’t want you to be having special time with any other woman. But you’re a good boy…You didn’t know that mommy was jealous…she’s going to show you just why an older, more experienced woman is better than some young little girl. And she’s going to do all kinds of things to you that your little sister couldn’t do. She’s going to make you swear to never touch your sister again…and you’re going to be so in love with mommy after tonight that you won’t even think about you dumb little sister again. Mommy will make sure of that.


Download file – 1.4 GB
Download file – 1.4 GB