Melanie Hicks – Babysitting For Mrs Hicks

Mrs Hicks called me again when i got off school and asked i could babysit again for and i quickly agreed. i figured why not her and mr hicks pay well and last time i got to sneak around and watch mrs hicks in the shower. i was playing on my phone when mrs hicks got home, she asked if her son Matt was still awake, i told her i had already put her to bed. she thanked me again for the last minute babysitting help and then she asked me if i wouldn’t mind making it a regular side job? i said yes right away, mrs hicks was happy about that but she told me she needed to talk to me about one thing first. she sat down on the couch next to me and told me that she saw me watching her shower, i was in total shocked and didn’t know what to say. i started try to apologies but mrs hicks cut me off and said she wasn’t made, she was actually flattered. she told me to be careful, some woman dont like being spied on or what of mr hicks had come home? i told her i understood and she got a really funny look on her face and made me a crazy offer. she said her and mr hicks were always trying to save money and would i be interested in babysitting for less money but she would through in a naughty treat every now and then? my dick got hard and i agreed right away, she laughed and said she would throw in a little naughty treat right, she got up and left me and my raging boner alone in the living room. she came back minute later with a bottle of lube and a towel, she said since i got to watch her naked she wanted to do the same. she told me to drop my pants her jerk off in front of her while she kept her clothes on. i didn’t wasted and time and got right to jerking, i cant wait for her to get home from work tomorrow!

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