Melanie Hicks – Mom Keeps Getting The Wrong Room

My dad got a huge bonus at work and rented a big lake house for the whole family to enjoy, it was really great getting to see the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. we had already been at the lake for a few days when i stayed in bed late, i got up for breakfast. i walked into the living room and found mom sipping on some wine, she asked my why i wasn’t out on the lake with everyone else. i told her i didn’t want to get early and just felt like relaxing today, that’s when noticed mom sipping on some wife herself. i teased her about it and she told me she was on vacation too! we asked about each others plans for the day, mom and dad were going to a kegger that night and i was just going to relax around the lake house and play video games on the big screen. much later that night while i was laying in bed trying to dose off my door opened up and mom stumbled in obviously really tipsy. she started talking to me thinking i was dad and with lights off she couldn’t see my face. i tries to tell her it was me but she was so tipsy she wouldn’t listen, she said was super horny and started to undress, she said she wanted to suck some dick and told me to take my pants off. i knew it was wrong but i was raised to obey my parents and mom said she really wanted to suck dick so who was i to try and tell her she had the wrong room. mom deep throated me like a champ, this is gonna be a great vacation!

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