Mindi Mink – Friends Mom Gives First Aid

Mindi is in the kitchen doing chores when her son and his friend come home from playing basketball. She is informed the her sons friend got injured during the game. She has the boys go into the living and has her sons friend lie down on the couch. Being the good mother that she is, she tells her sons friend that she wants to examine the injury… he tells her he was hit in the testicles. The information does not effect her at all. She unzips his pants and pulls out his cock. She is very impressed by the size and very concerned about the swelling. She wants to bring him relief from the swelling and starts to massage his cock all the while stating how impressed she is by the size. She is concerned about speeding up the process so she pulls her big tits out to help. She is happy to learn that she is not hurting him and continues to massage him. She knows he needs to get relief quickly from the swelling and decides to put his cock in her mouth. As she sucks his cock and licks his balls she is still amazed at the size of his cock. She then wraps her beautiful big tits around his cock to help… Once again, concerned about getting the swelling down as quickly as possible, she tells him the best therapy is his cock to be inside her. She strips out of her jeans and panties and slowly slides his big cock into her warm, wet pussy. She starts to ride him in a slow rhythm telling him this is best for him and she does not want him going home still in pain. She feels him start to throb inside her as she speeds up the tempo and realizes just how good his cock feels… she is building up a big orgasm herself. As she cums all over his cock, she does not stop the rhythm and wants him to get the relief he needs. When he is about to cum, she gets down on her knees and tells him to cum all over her, He does not disappoint her as he blows a big load of cum all over her tits and mouth. As she wipes her chin, she is happy to see the swelling has gone down and he feels much better.

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