Mindi Mink – Mom Wants To Have Your Baby

Your Mom Mindi has been wanting a baby and you can’t believe at her age she is serious. She says it will give her purpose in life again and your Dad is hardly ever home to make it happen. You get confronted by her and she tells you that she knows you stole her panties and that she is sure you must fantasize about having sex with her. She found all the MILF porn you watch on your computer and she isn’t mad at all. In fact she explains her desire for having a baby and how you are a perfect specimen to give her what she wants. You are smart, good looking, and have young, strong sperm at your age. She takes off her robe and reveals your favorite color of lingerie…..she seduces you into the idea by taking off her bra and telling you to go ahead and touch her. You can’t help yourself by getting a big hard on and she tells you to remove your boxers. She takes off her panties and says you can keep these ones as a remembrance of your special day together. She reaches over and feels how hard you are and gives you a blow job to get started. It feels amazing and you can’t deny wanting to take it further. She explains that she is ovulating right now and needs your sperm. She has you get on top and tells you to make sure you go as deep as possible inside of her wet pussy. While you are fucking her the phone rings and its your Dad….she tells you not to stop, so you dont. She hangs up with Dad and has a big orgasm all over your hard cock and you cum inside her at the same time.

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