Mindi Mink – Sexually Controlling My Stepmother

Good morning Stepson! You look really uptight and stressed. I know getting into college is important, but you need to relax and unwind. Anyways, what did you want to talk to me about? Ahh girls. You should not be scared of them. You are a good looking young man. Oh. You dont really know what to do with girls? I can give you some pointers. You can not practice on me though! That is totally wrong and you know it. Stop staring at me and do not get so close. This is getting out of hand. I do not want to see your cock either! What if your dad found out? Im sure it is beautiful though. I guess one look wont hurt. Wow! You are so much bigger than your father. So much thicker too. I guess it will be ok if you stroke it in front of me, but I will only watch you and not touch you. Do not go too fast too soon. Let that cum build up inside your shaft. Think about my tits while you pump. You are a very naughty boy. Let me get a little more comfortable. I will start to stroke my pussy now. Do you like my hairy twat? Do you want to fuck it? I want that young hard throbbing cock inside of me now. Gape me nice and wide sweetie. I knew I helped raise a little stud. Your dad hardly fucks me anymore either. I needed this. I am going to keep your cum inside of me for hours. I do not care if I get pregnant either.

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