Mindi Mink – Stop Stealing My Panties You Pervert

Mindis son is found in her bedroom rifling through her panty drawer. He pleads with her to not tell his dad. She knows the perfect way to punish him… Mindi demands that he strip out of his clothes. He reluctantly agrees. She tells him stay put while she prepares his punishment. When she comes back, she is wearing a huge strap on dildo. She also brings him a pair of lacy thong panties to wear since she knows that is what he really wants. He puts them on… She tells him to get down on his knees… he complies. She informs him that she is going to teach him how to stroke her big cock. She spits in her hand and slowly strokes the big cock instructing him how she likes to be stroked. After some more careful instruction, she has him start stroking her big cock and fondling her balls. She commends him on his stroking technique… She steps back and shows him how she likes her cocks stroked fast and she tells him she wants him to make her cum real hard. She moves forward so he can stroke her cock, she decides to help him stroke her cock until she cums. She informs him there will be many more lessons in the future…

File Size : 970.33 MB, Resolution : 1920×1080, Duration : 00:13:08

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