Mindi Mink – You Don’t Need A Girlfriend

Mindi comes home to find her stepson sitting on the couch. Mindi wants to talk to him about sex and being safe… she also wants to make sure he is ready to have a sexual relationship with his girlfriend. She does not want him to rush into it. She thinks he should not rush and he needs to be with the right woman… Mindi. She starts a slow seduction of her stepson by lightly touching herself and taking off her clothes. She shows him her thick ass and legs, all the while slowly stroking them… she has him right where she wants him as she moves on her knees across the floor to rub his hard young cock. She reveals her huge tits to him, slowly rubbing her nipples until they are rock hard. She lets him know that she knows he has been smelling her panties when she is not around and offers her panties for him to keep. She takes his hard cock in her mouth and sucks it slowly, driving him crazy. She then informs him he is going to make her cum and learn how to please a woman. She sits on his hard young cock and slowly grinds until she cums all over his hard cock. She tells him he made her cum so good and wants him to fuck her doggy style. He slams his cock into her from behind, Mindi tells him to blow his big load deep in her pussy and fill her up with with his hot nut. He explodes deep in her pussy just like she asked. Mindi is satisfied and happy she could show him how to fuck a woman properly… she informs him to get rid of his girlfriend because Mindi is there for him now.

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