Miss Kelle Martina – Boy Blackmails New Doctor

Alright there, you look fit as a fiddle. Your checkup went great. You can get dressed now. Oh my is that? Is that an erection? Well, you’d better get rid of it before your parental units come in here. What do you mean you don’t know how? They are going to think I was touching you or something. I could lose my medical license over this! I’ll show you how. No you’re doing it all wrong. I’ll do it. Oh my gosh, you planned this all along didn’t you? Okay, fine! If I show you my breasts will you just hurry up and you know, make it cum? Please, hurry up, I’m begging you! The new doctor gets tricked by a youngster into showing her boobs and jerking off her patient!


Download file – 337.3 MB
Download file – 337.3 MB