Missbehavin26 – Mom Encourages Son To Cum Before Bed

Script: I am thinking a 5 minute video – you are my “mommy” and its time to cum for you before bedtime. You will encourage me to touch myself and cum for mommy. You are wearing a pink tank top that shows your cleavage and besides that you are naked. Tell me to be a good boy for mommy many, many times in the video. Ask me things like “do you want to be a good boy for mommy?” and “do you want to cum for mommy” etc… Can you talk slowly in a gentle, sweet, nice voice? I want to look at you while you show me your cleavage and while you encourage me to cum for you, then for the last minute, when i am ready to cum, show me your pussy and ask me if i want to cum right here for mommy. And tell me im a good boy while i cum for mommy.

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