Missbehavin26 – Teacher Blackmailed By Students

Script:your the teacher of a young class and your going to have sex with 3 of your students, while the rest of the students are watching a movie.The scene starts with you telling your class that today is movie day and when you call out their name there going to see you in the back of the class. You have a desk where all the sexual activities will happen.First student you call is Paul, your sitting in your desk. You tell himthat you can’t believe your getting blackmailed. Your whispering to him the whole time and you look mad. He ask you to give him a blowjob and you do,but look mad while your giving a wet sloppy blowjob.He cums in your mouth, next student you call is Ryan, when you give Ryan a blow job mention how young he is and this is so wrong. He also cums in your mouth.Next one is also named Ryan but he is younger than the first two. Do the same thing with him.After the blowjob scene with a small dildo.your going to call each student one at a time and their going to fuck you in missionary, doggy style. And cowgirl. Remember this is a pov virtual sex scene. Please look mad while there fucking you. But your trying to not moan so loud. And the sex scene each student is fucking you really hard. I want to be able to see your boobs move up and down during missionary and your ass shaking during doggy style.

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