Mixxxie – Date Night with Mom

Your mom is finally getting back into the dating world. It’s been years since I have gone out and I need your help. First I get dressed in my sexiest clothing asking if it is too much. I am extremely nervous and hoping you will role-play with me to help ease my nerves. We start talking about casual things and that comes simple enough. I want to test out my flirting too, hoping it’s not too rusty. As things continue they change from flirtation toward seduction. it is just pretend, right? Then I invite you back to my bed…am I still roleplaying? I stand up, taking your hand and you follow. The lines are blurred between roleplaying for my date and what’s about to take place. Needing to make sure I’m still ready sexually, I strip off my clothes and ask how I look? Will you tell me if can I still give a good blowjob? I’ll show you how I do it. You are such a wonderful help…Maybe you could stick your cock in, just for a minute? Maybe try another position? That feels so good. But I have to confess something… there was no date, I have seen all the mommy taboo porn on your computer. Now cum inside of me, cum deep inside.

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