Molly Darling – Filthy Perverted Mommy

Dirty Talking, Kink, Taboo, Virtual Sex, Mommy Roleplay

Mommy is a nasty, twisted, filthy fucking pervert.. and being her son.. so are you. Mommy is all dressed sweet, watering her plants when you tell her in conversation that your girlfriend is visiting.. in an hour. Mommy is not pleased and quickly gets to sucking your cock.. getting you wet and ready to fuck her filthy cunt. She can’t have your girlfriend over without having your cock first. You fuck Mummy’s dirty cunt whilst she spouts absolute filth to you. It’s not long before you cum in her pussy right there in the living room. Your girlfriend will be here any minute and Mommy will be watching.. she set a camera in your room to spy on you. Mommy will be fingering her cunt whilst she watches you fuck your little girlfriend. You know how it drives Mommy wild.. so you’ll really put on a show for her. Mommy encourages you to fuck her good from the sidelines and cums quietly in the next room. Now you’re girlfriend is gone, Mommy is expecting you back.. to give her more of your cock. Remember, you can have all the fun you want with girls.. but no one is going to scratch that filthy fucking itch you have for a certain taboo word like Mommy will. Nothing is going to satisfy that twisted, perverted desire you have to fuck the hole you came from, Mommy’s filthy cunt.

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