Molly Darling – Mommy Makes You A Man

Dirty Talking, Kink, Taboo, Virtual Sex, Mommy Roleplay

Mommy is finally going to have the talk with you. She’s noticed that you’re masturbating more and changing.. so its become the right time for you to become a man, officially. It would be easy for you to go and lose your virginity to anybody.. but for it to be truly special, it needs to be with someone who is special to you. A Mother and Son’s bond is stronger than anything and Mommy grew you and birthed it only makes sense for her to be the one to make you into a man. It’s natural… and she’s been dreaming of the day you were old enough to put your cock inside of her. You’re going to fuck the pussy you once came out of and fill it with your cum. Now that you are all grown up and know how to fuck.. Mommy’s holes are all yours. Just keep it a secret …and don’t tell your Dad.

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