Molly Jane – When innocence ends – A week with mom

Scene One: Mom helps me masturbate

Molly has just stepped out of the shower when her son Alex walks into the bathroom. They both give a startled yell before Alex leaves the room. Alex catches his mom topless three more times, waking in on her sunbathing and going into her bedroom without knocking.

Thinking his mom is away Alex decides to jerk off watching porn. Molly walks in wearing only a pair of panties and asks what he is doing. She tells him that it’s ok and perfectly natural “You could let me help you, it’s just like masturbation with someone to help you” Alex nervously lets his mom lead him downstairs. She sucks his cock hard until he cums in his moms mouth.

Scene Two: Do you like cumming on moms face?

Alex is sitting on the couch ready for another masturbation session with his mom“You like it when mom jerks you off?” Molly says. “Do you like cumming in moms face?” she asks as she strokes her son’s large cock. Sucking her son she brings him to the edge of orgasm. “I’m going to cum” he shouts and his mom takes his load all over her face. With cum covering her she fingers some into her mouth and leaves to take a shower.

Scene Three: Pool blowjob with mom

Molly and her son are sitting at the pool when Molly gets a wicked idea. She takes off her top and asks “Do you mind if I give you a BJ?” She pulls down her son’s shorts and sucks on his cock as only a horny mother can. She sucks him until he explodes in her mouth. She drinks down his delicious load saying “I forgot how much I love sucking cock”

Scene Four: Moms cum snack

In the kitchen Molly already has her mouth around her son’s cock and is sucking him hard. She takes him all the way into her mouth taking him deep. Molly takes off her shirt ready to finish him off and keeps sucking, making her son to cum all over her face. Molly tells him his cum is delicious and licks every drop off her face.

Scene Five: Moms pov blowjob

Molly brings her son into her bedroom and desperately pulls off his clothes. She needs to have his cock inside her mouth and sucks him hungrily. “You like it when mom sucks your cock” she asks and takes him all in. She looks deep into her sons eyes with passion as her hands and mouth make him cum all over her. “Oh god it’s so good” she says, love dripping down her face.

Scene Six: Bedtime blowjob from mom

“How about a blowjob before bed” Molly asks her son making him smile with anticipation. She quickly gets to her knees and sucks him, striping down to her panties. A sexual need fills her as she sucks her son like a good mom. Alex stands over her and jerks his cock, Molly moaning from the pleasure of his cum splashing her face. “Thanks baby, I love you” she tells him feeling the warmth of his cum on her face as they fall asleep next to each other.

Scene Seven: Can you come twice for mom?

Molly comes to her son with a proposition “How about I make you cum twice this time” She strips her son naked and gets to work sucking his cock. She takes off her shirt exposing her large tits and puts his shaft back in her mouth. Alex stands up and cums over his mom’s face. “that was really good” he tells her.

“Ready for round two?” she asks and starts to jerk his cock. With cum already drenching her she tells him “I need more cum on my face” and sucks him. It doesn’t take him long to cum on her face again, shooting his load down her face and tits. “It’s much better the second time” she tells him swallowing his cum. She gets on the couch next to him and watches TV, letting his love soak into her.


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