Mommy Needs Your Morning Wood
Your mother has this annoying habit of barging into your room without knocking. This morning, she marches right up to your bed, and sits down…you barely had enough time to cover up your cock! You wish she’d let you have a lock on your room but she insists that this is an open household. Whatever that mean. When she realizes that your cock is hard under your covers, she smiles, pulling them back and assurring you that your nudity is nothing to be ashamed of. You’re not really sure what’s going on but you try to resist. She’s putting her hand on your cock, telling you its nothing out of the ordinary for family to see eachother like this, to touch one another like this…she’s stroking your cock and you want to say stop but it feels so good. She knows it does, stroking you like this. “See sweetie? Perfectly fine, now stop squirming, mommy needs this…” She pulls down her skintight jeans, exposing her wet pussy as she guides you towards her…”Are you a virgin sweetie? It’s ok, you’re going to lose it to mommy…c’mon sweetie, just help mommy out…” Your mother is a desperate slut, in heat, as she slides you inside, moaning and grinding on your young cock, begging for cum…

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