Mommy’s naughty siesta

Mommy likes to have a lie down in the villa and think about all the dirty things she could get up too with her darling son, as Daddy goes out to run errands oblivious to his wife’s taboo fantasies… Someone likes to watch Mommy…

Darling you just cant help yourself can you, always spying on Mommy, I am just having some relaxation time. You like watching me play with my sexy pussy don’t you, come here do you want to take a better look ( spreads legs apart ) now play with that lovely cock darling and give your Mother something nice to look out, god I am so horny today. Would you like to see Mommy finger herself… hmmmm that’s right now spit on your hand and stroke your cock like I taught you, that feels so good I bet. Let me suck that cock, I bet you would love to shoot your load in your Mother’s mouth, I can tell. I need to be fucked, darling wouldn’t your rather fuck your Mommy, wouldn’t you rather see your hot cum dripping from your Mother’s cunt? hmmm come on fuck me, lets make each other feel good, I love you so much, make Mommy happy.


Download file – 55.1 MB
Download file – 55.1 MB

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