Mom’s Panty Pervert

Busted again, son….haha!…you just can’t keep your little nose out of my dirty panties, can you? Hmm…I’ve caught you over and over again, sniffing the crotch of my panties, and every single time I catch you, your little cock is hard as a rock. You’re a dirty little panty pervert…aren’t you, son? I’ve known you sniff my panties for years…and it’s always turned me on. You do know what you’re smelling there, right son? You’re sniffing your mother’s pussy when you put my panties up to your face and inhale…that’s mommy’s cunt you’re smelling baby. And you like it a lot, don’t you? Mmm….you’d probably like to sniff mommy’s panties while I’m still wearing them…wouldn’t you? Say ‘yes, mommy’….say, ‘please mommy’…that’s my good boy. Come closer, baby…come sit right between mommy’s knees on the floor here….lean in…that’s my good boy…put your nose right up against the crotch of mommy’s wet panties… ahh, yes baby…smell mommy’s pussy…deep breaths. You love that smell, don’t you? Mmm…and I love to watch your little cock twitch every time you inhale. Touch yourself, baby…play with your wiener while you sniff mommy’s pussy…that’s my good son…mmm…feels so good, baby. Mommy’s going to pull these panties aside and let you sniff and lick my pussy now baby…don’t be bashful, it’s okay, son. Mommy’s pussy tastes even better than it smells, and if you put your tongue in it you’ll make your mommy cum all over your little mouth while you’re jerking your stiff cock. Do it now, son…lick mommy’s pussy hole just like you licked the crotch of my panties…get your tongue in there…fuck, son…yes! You’re making your mommy cum all over your sweet little tongue, baby…and look at your cock spurting as you do…mmm…mommy’s good little pussy licking panty pervert. I love you baby.

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