Mrs Mischief – Professor Cocktease

It may be a little unorthodox to have a student meet me at my home, but under the circumstances I think you’ll appreciate the privacy…There’s no other way to say it, so I’ll just be blunt – it’s obvious that you’re attracted to me, and you’re spending a noticeable amount of time in every class….trying to peek up my skirt. I’m flattered, but it’s impossible – against university rules for a professor and student to have any contact whatsoever…There…just then…I caught you peeking again! What? What’s that? Well, yes…my panties are wet, but that’s beside the point; you’re not supposed to be looking, young man. It’s inappropriate. It’s wrong. I’d get fired and you’d be kicked out of school.Of course I want to fuck you…why else would my panties be soaking? You’re sitting in front of me and I can just imagine that beautiful cock in your pants and how hard you’d make me come with it inside my pussy….but it’s impossible. We can’t. How about if I show you – just exactly what it looks like, right up close and drippy-wet, to get inside your psych professor’s pussy? How about if I give you a dirty preview to just what you can expect, as soon as you’re out of my class…Lie down on the floor…that’s right….I’m going to spread my legs, show you my pussy….finger it….fuck it…stuff it full, just like I know your cock would. I’m going to fuck my tight, wet little pussy right down over your face until I come so hard on my fingers that you can see them,up so-fucking-close, covered in cum and still plunging into my aching pussy. Of course I want to fuck you, nasty boy; I just can’t.But this is going to be our secret, right?


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