Mrs Mischief – Teacher Craves Cum

School’s over for the day, young man…you should be on your way home. What do you want? Your grades?…Yes, you’re failing. Extra credit work, huh?…Hmm, well…teacher can think of one thing you could do to earn an A. Come here, stand right in front of me – mymy, you’re a big boy aren’t you? It’s been too long since Teacher had herself a big boy… Stand still…you want that A, don’t you? Then let Teacher pull out your cock..let me feel your balls…pull on that growing dick…mmm, yes, you can have an A…if you give Teacher some cum. It’ll have to be our secret – I could get into a lot of trouble – which is why I’m not taking my gloves off. That way, you can never say that I laid a hand on you…not really. Mmm, you are a big boy…that’s just what Teacher needs…a hard cock, pumping a hot load of cum right onto my tongue. You’re my new teacher’s pet.


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