Mrs Mischief – Your Dream Babysitter

It’s the morning of your eighteenth birthday, and you can’t believe you’re standing in front of your former babysitter, in her bedroom, and she’s telling you how proud she is of the way you’ve grown up… It’s like a dream come true for you – or are you really dreaming? – your hot, older babysitter, the woman you’ve always had a secret crush on, is sitting there telling you how handsome and sexy she thinks you are! Baby, I’ve waited a long time to tell you this…I’ve always wanted to fuck you.

She purrs at you, stroking her breasts, giving you peeks of her bare pussy under her satin robe…your cock starts to twitch. She tells you that now, it’s okay to show you exactly what she’s always wanted. Show me your cock, baby…let babysitter see how much you’ve grown up. Mmm…that’s it, what a big boy…do you want to see babysitter’s pussy? Mm-hmm…watch me finger my wet pussy right in front of your eyes, sweetie…like that? You want to fuck her, so bad, right now..but she tells you that your first time should be with someone your age. Go fuck your little girlfriend tonight, for your birthday, and come back tomorrow to see your favorite babysitter. Fuck. You want her so bad; your cock throbs in your hand. That’s right, baby, stroke your cock to babysitter’s pussy…mmm…jerk off while I stuff my pussy hole with this dildo (babysitter’s a lonely single lady, after all) – see just how I like to get fucked so you can do a good job – tomorrow. Mm-hmm, that’s right, baby…cum with me right now while we masturbate for each other…and I’ll let you come back tomorrow and shoot your virile 18 year-old cum right up inside your babysitter’s hot, wet pussy.


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