Natalie Wonder – A Mothers Forceful Entry

Mom hasn’t slept at all. The sun is up & it’s early morning. She has a long day ahead & NEEDS to get some shut eye. Her pulse is fast & feels anxious. She knows just the perfect, satisfying thing that would make this feeling go away. But it’s so wrong. Using all those strange men for sex was wrong. But it was the only way she knew how to cope from the divorce. Meeting all those men almost every night & having sex with them was her escape. As good as it made her feel she knew it was risky. Luckily she sought help from a therapist & now she hasn’t had sex for almost a month. But tonight, her hormones are really raging. Mom needs to satisfy this craving. A craving for cock. Her son is still asleep in his bedroom. She needs it, bad. It will calm her anxiety & she will finally get some sleep. Mom is desperate. Her son will have to understand it’s for a good cause. Good sons help their moms all the time. This is no different. Mommy is in need of her boy’s cock right now. It’s the only logical thing. She doesn’t want to relapse on having sex with strangers again. Her son will understand. He better, because mommy’s craving cock & she will ABSOLUTELY NOT take no for an answer.

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