Natalie Wonder – A Pervy Son Only A Pervy Mother Could Love

Mommy got a call from one of your teachers today. Were you doing something very, VERY inappropriate with one of your classmates? You know what I’m talking about. Tell mommy the truth…what did you do? Something so wrong…and so dirty…touching those girls like that. Did you like it? Did you?! Or were you just doing it for attention? Tell mommy the truth. Did you enjoy touching those girls down there…between their legs? You’re supposed to be studying in class but instead you’re sneaking away to touch those young girls in their pussies. Don’t be silent. Tell mommy the truth, NOW. DID YOU ENJOY DOING THOSE DIRTY THINGS? Speak up! Yes!? You did, you say?? Relax sweetie…I LIKE your answer. Mommy would of loved to do those things too. Like mommy, like son. BUT you need to be more careful. Don’t let the teacher catch you next time. I want you to invite one of your pretty class mates to our home. I bet all the pretty girls like you, because you’re such a handsome boy. It’ll be really easy for you to lure one here. Then the three of us can play all together. I can watch my boy touch her all over. With your fingers and your cock. If she misbehaves you can shove your cock in her little mouth to shut her up. Play with all her holes. Mommy can help you…watch you…and have a little fun of my own. We’ll make a great team. Don’t worry, your very dirty, pervy mommy won’t disappoint…

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