Natalie Wonder – An Ultimate Taboo Act

Mommy needs the ultimate favor from her boy. You see, daddy & I have been having issues in the bedroom. Daddy’s much older then I am & unfortunately he’s having difficulty getting it up or staying hard. He’s in a slump. It’s really affecting our marriage. We’re too proud to go to a sex therapist or anything like that. I’ve asked your father what I can do to help, and there is one thing that may work. It’s a fantasy your father has had for a very long time. He’s finally divulged it to me. Daddy wants to watch us together. He wants to watch me have sex with you sweetie. He wants to watch his wife get pleasured by their only son. It may be the only thing that does it for him sexually right now. I know it’s so wrong but I’m desperate to save our marriage. Do this for us, sweetie. Do it for me especially, your mother. You know we have such a tight bond. This will make that bond even stronger. I’m begging you. I can’t watch this family break apart over an issue like this. We need to give this a try & see if it will help your father get over his sexual slump. Please, do it for our family


Download file – 200.8 MB
Download file – 200.8 MB